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Author Topic: My Twin Brother OR Sister By: ShaunaSay WhiteFeather  (Read 1153 times)


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My Twin Brother OR Sister By: ShaunaSay WhiteFeather
« on: February 27, 2014, 05:23:03 PM »
Note: I wrote this specially for a Mother who asked for a "Special Way" to include the twin Brother that was called back home to the Creator at the time of their Birthday into this world. The Mother wanted some way to include him always in with all of his sibling Birthdays. This piece can also be used for a sister twin too.


I have a twin brother or Sister, today is his/her Birthday too.. Before the day we were to be born I was told of what to say for this our special day and of days to come!
Today is our Birthday even though only one of us was actually born into this world that is called home.
I was not meant for this world not yet, the Father of Heaven had other plans for me only I can do. So back I went with no regret to His service go I.
I know I left with tears in your eyes, broken hearts and misery... But remember this when you see my twin you see me!
Now I will tell you a story that is happy and true, for this is my gift to you!
This is a secret that not many ever know, it is only shared by few...
My Brother/Sister and I while in our sweet Mother�s womb, laughed and played and talked. We talked the heavenly universal talk of spiritual beings before men.
The vast knowledge that is shared by all not just one, where nothing is kept or hid.
We told of stories while waiting within, of worlds upon worlds and universes that never end.
But mostly of Heaven and Of Fathers Love, and His Love for all of mankind. By my leaving my other brother/sister here and I alone went back, to be that as once was said.. of the truest of love ever known.. is giving a life for a life.
 I gave my life to my twin brother/sister here, so he/she could become strong and wise. To grow and  be a son or daughter proud, to mommy and daddy dear.
Teaching and reminding them and everyone of their true Fathers Love , and how he gave a son so that all could live, does that remind you of anyone?.
Be comforted oh my loved ones, family and friends. This is my Birthday gift to you!
Every time you see a child at play, that smiles or waves at you.. 
All you have to do is look and see and catch a glimpse of me!
Inspired By the Father of All
Written to words by ShaunaSay WhiteFeather
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