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Author Topic: The Sacred Four By; ShaunaSay WhiteFeather  (Read 882 times)


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The Sacred Four By; ShaunaSay WhiteFeather
« on: February 27, 2014, 06:03:21 PM »

Brother bear and sister wolf
walks side by side,
Eagle and hawk take flight,
The sun shines bright both day and night,
to guide them on their plight.
Though they may travel many through many mountains,
 valleys and plains,
No weakness shall ever be felt.
For their strength comes from being united as one,
and hearing Earth Mothers sweet call.
No evil, no hate, no bitterness, no cruel
can enter the center the core.
For there if you look, you will find what you seek,
and what guides these Sacred Four.
"We are not Human Beings having a Spiritual Experience, we are Spiritual Beings having a Human experience"


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