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Author Topic: The Unforgotten Little Sparrow By: Alice Lefroy  (Read 190 times)


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The Unforgotten Little Sparrow By: Alice Lefroy
« on: January 11, 2019, 04:06:28 PM »
Luke 12:6. 7
Are not five sparrows sold for two farthings,
And NOT ONE of them is forgotten before before God?
Fear not therefore; ye are more value than many sparrows.

Just think of that odd little sparrow,
Uncared for by any but God,
It surely must bring thee some comfort
To know that He Loved it---THOUGH ODD.

That one little, odd little sparrow
The object of God's tender care?
Then surely thou art of more value---
Thou need'st not give way to despair.

The God who remembers the sparrow
Will certainly not forget thee.
Oh! do not think He has forsaken---
No friend is so faithful as HE.

It may be thou art an "odd sparrow."
But God's eye of love rests on thee.
And He understands what to others
Will always a mystery be.

Yes, God reads thy thoughts and thy motives,
Thy longings and strivings, and tears;
Thy seasons of gloomy forebodings,
Thy conflicts, thy doubts and thy fears.

'Tis Satan who tells thee that Jesus
Has left thee to languish alone;
The evil one knows well how to harass,
But Jesus does NOT leave His own.

Thou thinkest thy case so peculiar
That nobody can understand---
Take life's tangled skein to thy Saviour
And leave it to His skillful Hands.

Believe in His love and His pity,
Confide in His wisdom and care,
Remember the little odd sparrow
And never give way to despair.

---Alice C. Lefroy

"We are not Human Beings having a Spiritual Experience, we are Spiritual Beings having a Human experience"


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