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Author Topic: Dance in the Moonlight for Purity By: Jeremy Knox  (Read 945 times)


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Dance in the Moonlight for Purity By: Jeremy Knox
« on: February 23, 2014, 09:45:17 PM »
Dance in Moon Light for Purity

As night falls I can see the moon.
 It shines bright across the water.
 All is calm.
 The wolf wonders into the moon lit sky.
 He starts to sing and others join in.
 Their song is a familiar one.
 A song of Freedom.
 A song of Peace.
 A song of Joy.
 They start to dance and my spirit joins them.
 We see eye to eye.
 There is no fear.
 No sorrow or pain.
 Only peace.
 We dance and sing until morning.
 We dance and sing night fall upon us.
 We thank and praise Mother Earth. For she has blessed us.
 She has cleansed us and has made our spirit pure.
 Trials My people have been through many trials.
 You were put through these trials not because of wrong doing,
 but because it is a needed thing.
 I allowed you to experience pain, suffering, and the death of loved ones.
 This was not out of anger, but love.
 These trials were a test of faith. To bring you closer to me.
 To help you trust me more.
 I love all my children, and will always love my children.
 It is not for you to understand why, but to trust me for everything.
 In doing so, You will fly like the Eagle.
 You will run like the Bear and have the wisdom of the Wolf.
 The songs of long ago soothes my spirit.
 Like the cool breeze on a warm day.
 It helps me to hear the calls of my Ancestors.
 The songs are a gate way to the other side.
 the paths that I have taken. The raods that I have driven.
 The songs guides me every where I go.
 I meet my ancestors in different places.
 Many who are wise and pray for us.
 Many who wonder if we have forgotten them. I have not forgotten them.
 The songs of our Ancestors lives in me.
 Their music lives in me. They live in me.
 The cries of the Wolf weigh heavy on my mind
 They cry out to me and I come running.
 I carry a message of hope.
 They tell me, I am the one who calms their fears and gives them stregnth to live.
 they enjoy my visits. I enjoy my visits with them.
 The Spirit of the Wolf calls out to me.
 I come running. I am the one who fights their battles.
 I am the one who calms their fears.
 I bring them joy and peace.
 I give them hope for another day.
 At the end of the day, we talk and we dance and celebrate our victory.
 We have over come the fear and hopelessness.
 At night I stay watch for, and listen for their cry.
 My spirit never sleeps, and is always on guard.
 I answer the cry of the Wolf in need. I rescue him from dispare.
 Sorrow fills my heart when passes away.
 Joy enters my heart when one is born.
 Then all nature is filled with joy.
 The wolf is my friend and I am his.
 I will never leave him, and he will never leave me.
 Our hearts are forever joined together.

I hope that these poems inspire you and many others. These were given to me during meditations and sometimes in my dreams. I have other poems that are in the making and when they are complete I will share them with all of you. Many Blessing to all of my Brothers and Sisters. Thank You again for letting me share these poems with you.
 Sincerely Jeremy Knox

"We are not Human Beings having a Spiritual Experience, we are Spiritual Beings having a Human experience"


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