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Author Topic: Names of Loved Ones and people of our Past  (Read 1576 times)


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Names of Loved Ones and people of our Past
« on: January 31, 2015, 04:33:17 PM »
As with many cultures all over the world, to speak the name of a person who has passed or crossed over, was not allowed or considered very disrespectful. In some cases could cause a spiritual backlash in a bad way if this was done.

In only certain circumstances was there an allowance allowed among different tribes and Nations.
If one is a Legend Keeper/Storyteller of the people, and went through the proper "Spiritual" channels to receive permission of the ones you wish to mention in your lessons and Story's through the telling.

With RedNation, the Proper Spiritual channels have been done for teaching purposes and are for that purpose only.

Because most of the Indigenous of the peoples no longer live in communities/villages as we once did, to pass on the teachings only to our own people of that community/village. We now teach peoples out side, most that are not even of the blood but are of like hearts and spirits so as to keep the history alive and well otherwise or else it all would die off without the telling.

We can only hope and pray we do not offend anyone, and that it will be understood it is done with the utmost respect to that individual/individuals so to give them credit for the life lessons that have truly made positive changes and development of the fellow human beings they influenced.
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