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Author Topic: Being a Leader  (Read 1143 times)


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Being a Leader
« on: March 31, 2018, 05:21:17 PM »
To All Human Beings:

From the beginning of time, there has always been some one whom has stepped forward to become a leader of some sort (some one in charge of the surroundings or situation).

It is instilled in most beings that our DNA and makeups to take control..

We know as human beings, that we can and do make many mistakes and wrong decisions by taking control. That is why there are fellow human beings who would much rather follow than lead.

Being a leader is fine and good, a great honour and can be a wondrous feeling of accomplishment that your fellow human beings feel you are the right choice for the position/job. On the other-hand, it very well could mean nobody else wanted the responsibility in the first place (Ha Ha).

Time after time because of the competitiveness in some people, they would sell their own mothers and fathers and mortgage all they possess in life, just to have the position you may have earned just to take it away from you and have that title.. funny eh?

I can only share this with you all, when I was young and growing up, I admit I was kinda envious of my friends and classmates that took on leadership roles. I was a shy and kinda backward girl in many things of life. I never was a popular person in anything. But as time passed into my older adulthood, things changed radically as at last I gained confidence and a sturdiness of becoming a leader in things and situations, and discovered within myself a gift of speaking to multitudes without fear or hesitation. I found this is just that (a gift) because so many people clam up and freak out to have to speak to crowds.

My young training from my elders, taught me how to speak and when to speak. I was trained to be an ambassador/diplomat for a period of seven years. This changed my shy and bashfulness to a more polished and bolder person. I have traveled all over the US and Europe and now Australia where I reside to this day, and have been honoured to speak with people of every race, style and walk of life on this Earth, for this I feel so very blessed and so fortunate beyond belief.

Being a leader of any kind, definitely has its ups and downs and rewards and frustrations.. Personally this life has only made me humbly take a back seat once again, as I pray I have been a good and responsible leader and not what Christians call a stumbling block.

You all must know one very important fact, that goes with this responsibility of leadership... It does not matter what tag one may put on a belief or way of life, if you are a leader, minister of faith, or teacher of any kind then this applies...
You above any other human being on the face of this Earth, will be held more accountable for what you represent, make decisions, teach or minister to.. As words and thoughts, and actions are what can literally turn another single soul or multitude either for growth or total ruin.

So you see, being at the front sometimes is not what it is cracked up to be eh? that is why I totally depend on The Creator of all and my Ancestors are my leader above and before me in that leadership role. I actually go back to being a follower..

ShaunaSay WhiteFeather

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