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Author Topic: Black Water Annie  (Read 881 times)


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Black Water Annie
« on: May 22, 2018, 03:07:20 PM »

Before this begins, let it be known to all who reads this, it is with honored permission and with the greatest respect given to tell this story and background of one whom has earned her story told.

She was born from the Louisianian bayou, purest Cajun thru and thru formed by the very deepest murk and clay, breathed life into by the Creator of us all, but through the mouth of the swamp king himself, the gator. She walks in the animal kingdom of the bayou as the blackest of any panther known, and by many word one of the largest.

Her medicine of healing the sick and infirmed and doing good and good only, has been legendary for all time. No one knows her true age but the chosen few that have been under her wing of teachings of the hoodoo craft. Even then she herself, is not truly sure of her beginnings as far as human age measure.

Do not be fooled for one moment, which she can and will curse if it were for justice served. In my years with her, I personally have seen only twice such was placed upon such deserving. As in the cases of two children molesters and murderers. �The innocents are very precious to her, for they are our very existence,� said she.

She will be quite strongly voiced, �She is not sitting in the seat of the highest judge, only that she helps out when she has His permission�.

Some has deemed her to be the Queen of her kind and only calls her a �Holy Woman� out of utmost respect and honor. To call her by her true name is usually spoke of her in whispers among the Native Bayou. In the true beliefs, a name is powerful by itself, and if spoken harshly or wrong can invoke bad happenings and evil upon you and yours for generations to come.

When you are given the privilege and honor of learning the way of swamp medicine, you do nothing without asking permission first.

Permission was granted in this to give mention of her name, she is ready to make her last journey in this life and return to the swamp in which she came from. This is to complete her last working of the medicine to nourish, heal and renew life in the circle of life eternal.

Her name, Black Water Annie.

She is still very alive, in heart and mind, and still wields her strong medicine against sickness of body and spirit, against evil known in this world and the black hoodoo. Her teachings will continue on through the chosen few that is her earnest prayer. Not that she be remembered as such, only the continuance of good medicine when and where needed.

My name is not of importance, only that I was one of the few very humble students to be in her teachings, now and for as long as her voice and spirit flows over me in knowledge.

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