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Author Topic: Angels  (Read 288 times)


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« on: December 16, 2018, 09:44:12 PM »
 If you feel distressed, fearful, or like walls are closing in on you everywhere, ASK
For "Special" help.. Angels of every kind are all around us, and can only intervene on our behalf's if ASKED. So ask for their help in situations that you feel you are not strong enough to handle on your own.  YES, Heavenly Father is always available, but He did not make the angelic host for nothing!
I personally call in the "Big Boys" to protect my husband who is on the road most of the time every week driving a truck. These "Big Boys" are fully armored with 6-8 foot swords and they stand as tall as 9 feet tall or better! I do not mess around on the protection with my husband or for our home inside and out!

As I mentioned before, there are "Angels" for every type of situation in this life as we know it. From comforting Angels to help with the losses we have in life, be it from a human family member to the loss of a precious pet whom is just as important to us.

There are ones whom we ask for guidance and decision making.

There are ones whom we ask to keep our wits about us so we do not say or do anything that may set off a domino effect we end up hurting more than helping others.

Then we have the HEAVY HITTERS that go into battle for us physically and spiritually!

They are ready to help you no matter what, SIMPLY JUST ASK!!! BUT...
BUT BE WARNED! YOU MUST BE SPECIFIC!!!! You have to ask for the GOOD AND GOOD ONLY!!! Remember THAT!  because there are a whole department of the "OTHERS" that could come instead unless you do.

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