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Author Topic: Inherent rascism... As written by Corky Edwards (See footnote)  (Read 416 times)


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Inherent rascism... As written by Corky Edwards (See footnote)
« on: December 05, 2019, 05:02:06 PM »

Seems we're doing the ol' "all you invented was a stick" thing again so let me break out this ol' chestnut. Which even by their most beloved dictionary definition of what racism is, it says our race was inferior to theirs because they had "grand" shit while we had sticks and stones. But what they dont realise is just how wrong they are. Milo youcantmakemespellhisname had a sold out tour around the country where this was something he said repeatedly. Now we got trust fund young libs doin the same. But they never bothered to apply their "superior intellect" as to Why. Even the dates are wrong. We've been here for 120,000 years. Not 40,000.

Did we have bronze, iron, or steel swords? No. Because we had no need for them. Is not necessity the mother of invention? Swords dont make good animal hunting weapons. Nor do they aid in farming or fire reduction. They are only good for killing other human beings in close combat. How is that proof of your superiority? Your ancestors were murderous bastards intent on stealing from others. 'Grats i guess?

Did we have huge state building and castles built by the have nots for the haves? Nope. Again yay for you that your people have always exploited others?

Did we have great stores of gold and jewels? Nope. We didn't force people we deemed lesser than ourselves thanks to nothing but their birth to toil in danger underground to collect shiney things for ourselves to prove how great we were compared to others. Woop you?

Do we have whole epitaphs written about how we conquered foreign lands and made bitches of its natives? Ummmmm, no? Because we have always belonged to our land, not just the land to us. Our culture, customs, traditions, and lores are intrinsically tied to our own lands. How could we take away a land for our own if the land could never be ours to start with? We are custodians, not lords. Nurturers, not rulers. We take care of the land. And in turn the land takes care of us. How often have your people as a whole done that?

We had no need for your capitalism, brutality, or greed. No need for grandiose monuments to our wealth and power. We lived in what is STILL considered inhospitable land for 120,000 years. We moved with and understood the land. We thrived. We farmed before anyone else in the world. We protected our environment. We had fair laws. Complex, but fair.

The only thing that brought around our demise and colonisation was greed, a concept we could not fathom. Not out of negligible intelligence, but superior morals. And you wanna mock us? Really? Yall invented the mirror with your superior inventing skills. Maybe you should use them more often.

*I'm an habitual scholar of archaeology and anthropology as well as a proud, educated Wiradjuri woman. If you're gonna try me, come armed with facts.*

This has been shared with permission Corky Edwards, the Author A Proud Wiradjuri (Australian Indigenous) Woman

- Grats = Congratulations
- Woop = usually used as big woop... A verbal sarcastic eyeroll
- Wiradjuri = Country. The Wiradjuri are the largest Aboriginal group in New South          Wales. Their ancestral lands cover a vast area in central New South Wales, on the plains running north and south to the west of the Blue Mountains.
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