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Author Topic: The "S" Word  (Read 223 times)


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The "S" Word
« on: December 11, 2019, 08:27:06 PM »
Ok, to those whom are Native American I am fairly certain you know what the "S" word refers to, and I will politely ask you to avert your eyes for a moment, so as NOT to cause offense as I will have to say it once so that those outside the North Americas will know what we are talking about...


There it is said and does not need to be spoken again... I will use the letter "S" in its place.

Ok here is the education section. Movies, literature etc use the S word to define Native American Women. In actual fact it is a very impolite term and refers to a woman's, more personal parts.

The true tribal origins have been long lost after its misrepresentation however it is thought to have originated among the northern tribes in Canada and from the French trappers whom lived there and stole the word and totally ruined its nature.

If a man was seen to prefer Native woman he would be called an "S" man by the other non indigenous and it devolved to calling the women "S".  The term has since become commonly used when referring to Native women from all regions in the US and Canada and was used commonly in movies etc. In reality though, every time it is used, it is insulting, degrading and in these days of change maybe it is time to lose this term...

This has been attempted to be settled many times, but since many famous Authors and Screen writers have used it, it is considered acceptable. I am saying no, it is NOT... Look for example at another word that was commonly used by the White that starts with "N"...

Do we really need to go there?


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