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Author Topic: HOW TO WRAP A QUILL OF A FEATHER  (Read 63 times)


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« on: December 27, 2019, 04:56:33 PM »
To wrap a quill of a feather has to always go back to what colour is used and the significance thereof. Red, Black, Yellow, White, Blue and sometimes Green

Most all feathers are wrapped with the colour Red. 

1) Red represents several things such as:
Red Black represents:  The Future, the unknown path in which we have not travelled yet or can not see clearly yet.

3) Yellow  represents: Our giving Honour and Respect and Worship to the Creator of All, The Great Mystery, I am, Yo-Wa, Great Spirit, Heavenly Spirit, .. However one may perceive Him or call Him by name.

4) WhiteBLUE  represents: The Creator Himself

6) Green represents: Mother Earth Herself

Now equipped with this basic knowledge, choose your colours. Most Quills are varied in sizes depending on the bird used and which body feather you use.. flight feather, tail feather, or general body feathers.

NOTE:  A word of advice at this point.. unless you are a Federal Nation/Tribal recognized Indigenous Native, only use imitation feathers not real Eagle or even real turkey feathers.  And never hang one from a hat or car mirror; it is a show of disrespect among most of the peoples.

NOTE: The Quill we refer to wrapping is the section of feather ending in a point, or the base of the feather to the tip.


SINEW STRING OR) LEATHER STRING  (doubled the length of the quill itself) just to make sure there will be enough..


NOTE:It is not traditionalBroad Clothan option to glue the wrap in place before the lacing with sinew or leather string.

Now, begin your criss-cross lacing of the sinew/string right at the top of your cloth.

Fold your string in half to make it even on both sides

With the feather turned facing you, place the string on the exact middle in the middle of the cloth under the fluff. Tie it at the back snugly.

Now bring the string on both sides to the front and criss-cross like a shoe lace front to back and lace it all the way down to the end. Tie it off at the back again in a knot and cut excess off.

There you are!

In modern-times today, there has been used many other variations used, what has been shared in this lesson is the closest to how it was done in the past of the peoples.

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