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Author Topic: Mankind By: ShaunaSay WhiteFeather  (Read 1032 times)


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Mankind By: ShaunaSay WhiteFeather
« on: February 23, 2014, 11:31:18 PM »
In this confusing time of impending war and uncertain future, we turn our faces upward asking the Creator of All praying and asking questions. As our Father has answered us in many ways, by watching and taking note of what goes on around us on a daily basis. We were told to watch the heavens, the stars and ever changing weather.
We were told to watch all of nature and how they are reacting differently, and we were told to watch mankind. Yes, our answers are there before us, already foretold through words and deeds and actions.

 Like many, have been given visions and dreams throughout early childhood into adulthood, some we thought as being way out there and far fetched! Others we realized being a message of inspiration and reality lessons for us personally. Then there are the visions and dreams we are meant to share to help teach others.

 My mentors that taught me how to cope with this gift, of visions and dreams, they taught me that mankind in general, will not listen or take advise very well, especially when it is uncomfortable and hits "too close to home".
Whenever certain subjects that are "socially" not proper to talk about, like religion, politics, or death, the realities of life, it will always stir up multi faceted feelings within each individual human being.

The fact that where some will listen and others will not, we are only the "mail person" of the Creator, delivering His mail to others, some will be received as a dun or bill owed, other mail will be received like a check in the mail to pay those bills....
 So, don't try to take out the deliver of the message, take all complaints or hopefully all the phrases to the one whom sent it.
 I am sharing with all of you a very profound vision that came to me around 3:00am in the morning, take it for what it is... a message.
"We are not Human Beings having a Spiritual Experience, we are Spiritual Beings having a Human experience"


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