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Author Topic: World Situation  (Read 581 times)


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World Situation
« on: March 22, 2020, 04:50:49 PM »
I have been thinking long and hard about the happenings around the world as well as everyone else. Here is an email I sent to one of my brothers in the states, that I would like to share with everyone. I believe it contains some insight that was given me, and maybe it might make a little sense to you all too..

Dearest Ones:

Things and situations here in Australia ARE just as serious, next step they are going to take is Marshall law to stop the looting and panic. Right now, Sydney will be the first to enforce it.
The Gold Coast and Bondi Beach shut totally down and off limits to the public. The law that was passed a few days ago about "Social Distancing" which was totally disregarded by people so it was either arrest everyone or shut down completely, the latter was done..

Jobs of many varieties has just went bye-bye too.

Some are lucky that work can be done from home, other numbers of hordes of people, are running out of sources and time.

This brings to mind a survey that was conducted about 20 years ago I remembered.. it asked these questions: 1) IF all electricity went down with no hope of it ever going back up, would you be able to find ways to survive? 2) Do you know how to hunt for game? 3) Do you have knowledge of how to build a camp fire and cook? 4) Do you know how to build a shelter or find a proper shelter to live in? 5) Do you have knowledge on how to make clothes by hand? 6) Do you know how to tan animal hides and prepare them to make clothes and storage bags? 7) Do you know how to plant and grow food? 8) Do you know how to store food without refrigeration in the wild? 9) Do you know what you can eat or cannot eat out in the wild?

After the survey, the ratio's was not so surprising.. ONLY 20% out of 100 had any knowledge!!!

All in all, people are screwed in general If mankind does not educate themselves of survival methods now and for the future.. most has brought this on themselves and trying to blame something or some one else does not work in this case, because we all are in the same boat world wide aren't we?... but; I sat down and had a long long talk with a professor of medicine I know and trust. He and I agreed that this is part of prophesy coming foretold, it is no accident. Mankind fault is NOT LISTENING or paying ATTENTION to what is right in front of him.. We were told to watch the sun, moon, stars and the things around us for signs and also the animals.

A definite sign is watching the birds of different species flying together in the sky, if flocks and flocks flying in one direction. Another sign is ordinary ants, are seen making like a figure 8 instead of their regular straight lines. Every-time there are earthquakes going on either here or New Zealand or Tasmania.

The Indigenous here have went back to their communities as they said they would, and blocking themselves off from anyone else outside. They also believe this goes along with prophesies of their people too.

Anyway, what also was agreed upon was, that we need to keep being aware of things and events going on in this world, and stop thinking it will not happen to little old me..
We as the children of our Father in Heaven need only to hold on to our sweet bippies and keep our spiritual noses clean.
We can ride this one out as best as we can. Not sounding all doom and gloom, just reality check.

For all that will understand what I am about to say in this last paragraph.. This IS THE SEVENTH GENERATION we ARE living in. Things are going to take place and the chess board has been set in motion with or without us. All we have to do is make sure everyday and night, is to keep our own individual selves prepared for what is in front of us.. That means physically and spiritually however you believe.
violence is not the answer if all can be helped!
IT IS NATURAL when a human or animal is scared or frightened they strike out in defense for self preservation.
That is understood.
Remember one true fact above any, no matters what comes your way, ALL WILL BE MADE RIGHT AND WHOLE AGAIN! MANKIND WILL SURVIVE! We know what the end result will be, so we do not have that fear any longer.

Picture this.. A giant white dog, shaking itself like it just came out of a bath.. but instead, is shaking itself of fleas.. the fleas are mankind and the dog represents mother earth..
(Old Indian Prophesy)
"We are not Human Beings having a Spiritual Experience, we are Spiritual Beings having a Human experience"


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