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Author Topic: I dreamed By: Debbie Carver  (Read 1030 times)


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I dreamed By: Debbie Carver
« on: February 27, 2014, 05:08:41 PM »
I Dreamed one night I had a dream that felt so real.
I wonder about it to this day still.
I was walking down a mountain road.
Sitting on the side was a big ole toad.
I looked at him close, had a tear in his eye.
Oh Mr. Toad what makes you cry?
He just looked at me and hopped down the hill.
I felt a shudder, felt a chill.
As I walked at a slower pace
I saw a squirrel, sad look on his face.
"What�s going on?" I ask of him.
"Please talk to me." I said kind of grim.
He looked at me and started to speak.
"Just look at my home, just look at my creek!"
"Why should I speak to you, you're one of them!"
"Look around you, you don't give a damn!"
"We trusted you to share our land!"
"Look at what�s happened at the hands of man!"
I didn't know what I could say.
The truth hurt in a much deeper way.
"When you are dumping trash, do you think of who lives here?"
"Or just pop and toss the empty can of beer?"
"What's that floating down my stream?"
"Oh look! It's another Dixie cup, it seems."
I told him I was sorry and walked away.
What could make it worse today?
I sat down on a stone to cry.
A deer stopped to ask me why.
As I lifted my head from my hands,
I said "Just look around you, look at your land."
"How could you let us enjoy it's beauty?"
"To help protect it was our duty."
"We let you down and you still speak?"
"Yet you worry about me and why I weep?"
He smiled at me as I looked up.
He was a wonderful big beautiful buck.
"God has a plan for animal and man."
"To share and clean this beautiful land."
"Hopes not lost, not ours to loose."
"Just take what you know and spread the news."
"If we want a place for our kids to play."
"Man must throw trash properly away."
He turned away and nodded head head.
As I woke up, I was still in my bed.
All I could think of was what he said.
So to pass the word from me to you.
This is what we all must do.
Think of the families that live in the woods.
They would not do that to you, even if they could!
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